Every aspiring business owner has a certain set of skills, abilities, knowledge, and experiences that can prove to give them an edge in their industry. When it comes to building a business from the ground and successfully operating it, there are many tips. However, no entrepreneur is so adept that they can master everything. In the business world today, it would almost be impossible to be an expert in every single process related to developing and operating a brand new company. While you’ll have to wear a lot of different hats, especially during the early stages of the business start-up, you will not want to place too much of a burden on yourself.


You can seek out tools and solutions that will help you build, grow, and maintain your business. Technology has quickly become any business owner’s best friend. From accounting software or administrative assistance solutions, technology has grown such that it has leveled the playing field. Various tools are now making it possible for most businesses to compete on any scale. Whether you run a small business or a large company, you can outsource tasks to various forms of technology to help increase productivity, sales, and profits. Let’s take a look at some of the tools you will need to start a new business.

Production Help



If you are in the business of making and selling goods, it can get pretty expensive to oversee the end to end process for your product. if you are a small operation, those costs could be prohibitive. As a manufacturer or distributor of consumer packaged goods, your operations will face many challenges over time. You might encounter seasonal swings in consumer demand, holiday promotional pushes, or shifting consumer trends.


Any of these obstacles will require a flexible labor force and production floor processes that can be modified quickly. These swings can lead to fluctuating costs and profits throughout your fiscal year. Managing the ebb and flow of product production is only a small part of the greater production process. Another major consideration, of course, is that your operation might not be large enough to efficiently produce your packaged products cost-effectively with your technology.


If your business is going to encounter any of these concerns, you might consider working with a contract packager or container supplier to help you manage the packaging and distribution of your products. A vendor like cooljarz.com that offers packaging and other container solutions for your specialized products can help you focus on the business of running your business.


Partnering with a company that could offer packaging solutions could improve how you do business. You will have to absorb the initial cost upfront, but it could lead to reduced production costs and higher profits. If you can’t afford or acquire the technology needed to turn out your product efficiently, why put someone else’s technology to work for you?

Staffing Solutions



The world of conducting business is changing, and so are many of the workers that are powering it. In an always-connected, constantly busy world, most business people, HR staff, or hiring managers have increasingly more to do than ever before. Finding, and hiring the best possible talent, however, remains one of their most important tasks.


Human resources are perhaps one of your most important business assets. It is important that you recruit, hire, and retain the best staff to help you succeed. Before you can hire people, however, you need to conduct interviews to be sure that you are getting the best possible candidates. Syncing schedules, and setting up interviews can be increasingly time-consuming and challenging. Since you need to be working on building the business and honing operations, integration of an online interview scheduler might be beneficial.


Since most people today screen their calls, attempts at scheduling an interview could devolve into a frustrating game of sending a lengthy chain of emails or phone tag. An online scheduler will free you up from time on the phone or at your emails and allow your potential employees to schedule their own interview at a time that works for you both.

Customer Service Tools



Another major concern for your new business will be customer service. Of course, you will want to offer a great customer experience to cement sales and retain business. You don’t want to do this, however, at the expense of your financial and human resources. When your customers have questions or need help with your product or service, your company is going to be the first place that they turn to for assistance. When customers call into your company, they expect that they will be taken care of quickly, efficiently, and in a professional manner.


Dedicating staff to handle such inquiries could be a burden on your budget and resources. These people could be a part of your salesforce accomplishing other tasks to help your business succeed. You will need a solution, however, to handle customer inquiries. An option could be found in call center software.


Call center software could help you streamline your day-to-day processes by outsourcing phone support tasks. These technology tools are designed to assist your company by handling most call-based operations through a call center in multiple ways. It can help you synchronize the process of tracking, managing, and routing incoming calls. Advanced features could also facilitate call monitoring and call recording services to improve customer satisfaction for quality assurance. As an off-premises solution, this call center system could save you money while offering omnichannel routing and even a live chat option. Utilizing a call center software solution could require some upfront costs, but as with most tools, it could save you time and resources which will ultimately impact your bottom line.


Starting a new business can present a host of challenges and obstacles to overcome. If you are a new business owner and trying to carve out your piece of the industry, it would definitely be worth your time and energy to research some tools that could help you. Using vendors to help you with packaging, simplifying interview scheduling, and reducing the need for customer support agents are just a few of the plethora of business solutions out there. You might need to investigate the deployment of accounting tools, data management solutions, or Industry 4.0 implements to aid your company workflow. Ultimately, however, each business is unique and will have its own needs and obstacles to face. You will want to find solutions that will work alongside your business as a collaborative partner.