There’s no better time than the holidays to turn things up in your relationship. Valentine’s Day is the designated day of love, but not even it holds a candle to the magic the spirit of Christmas and some well-thought-out holiday plans can create.

It can be tricky knowing what the right gift is for the lady in your life, especially if this is your first Christmas together. What’s the perfect gift to show the woman who has everything how much you mean to her? If there was ever a time to go for the gusto and get her something extravagant, this is it. Continue reading to get some great high-end gift ideas for the glamour girl in your life.

1. The best way to say I love you is with a question and a ring.

The only thing that rings louder than sleigh bells during the holiday season is wedding bells. If you didn’t know that Christmas is the perfect time to propose the woman for your dreams, then you just haven’t seen enough Hallmark Christmas movies. No gift in the world will leave a greater impression on her heart than one that says, “I want to be with you for the rest of my life.”

Before you decide to propose on Christmas, you should already know in your heart that she’s going to say yes. If you’ve already discussed marriage and know that it’s something you both want, then Christmas is the perfect time to cement your union.

Even if the two of you have discussed marriage and know it’s in your future, you still want your proposal to be a surprise. One way to do it is to propose while you’re decorating the Christmas tree together. Get an angel for your tree topper and, if you can, fix the engagement ring to the halo. Put the angel back in its original box, and when it’s time for the tree topper, allow your girlfriend the honor of placing the angel atop the tree. When she sees the engagement ring on the halo, she’ll know exactly what time it is! That’s a proposal that’s sure to leave her gently lifting tears from her faux mink eyelashes.

2. Buy her a home.

Aside from an engagement ring, there’s no better way to show your partner how committed you are to your relationship than to buy a home. Many couples save for years to buy a home, but getting her one from Christmas will show her that you’re in the relationship for the long haul, and she can trust you to take care of her—not that she needs you to.

If you want to get the woman in your life a house for Christmas, you should start planning that gift at least a Christmas ahead of time. It will be hard to keep it under wraps while you’re going through the home buying process, but like great feasts, the best gifts take time and preparation.

If you want to really surprise her, then get her a bouquet of the most unique flowers, lisianthus or fringed tulips will do, and attach a card to the bouquet. Put the house key and a picture of the house in the card, and when she sees the flowers, the card, and ultimately the key, it will be a moment you’ll want to last forever.

3. Take her on a trip around the world.

Does your girlfriend love to travel? Then why not spend your holiday season abroad? People celebrate Christmas around the world, and there are some picturesque winter wonderlands that make for perfect, romantic holiday getaways.

If you live somewhere that doesn’t typically see snow, why not spend Christmas in Zurich, Switzerland, or Copenhagen, Denmark? It’s a perfect opportunity to see what Christmas is like in Northern Europe and all but guarantee her a white Christmas. Plus, you know Zurich and Copenhagen have to have some of the world’s best hot cocoa. The point is to get out and see a little more of the world, and there’s no better time to see the world than when the Christmas Spirit is everywhere.

4. A Luxury Bag

Maybe you’re not quite ready to propose or make a statement as grandiose as buying a house but still want to get her something exquisite. Don’t worry—you’re far from being out of options.

A great high-end, non-committal gift is a luxury handbag or purse. If you’ve ever seen how women’s eyes light up when they see a Hermes or Yves Saint Laurent bag, then you know these bags are something special.

The price tag on many of these bags would make a car note shrink in shame at its diminutiveness, but there are good reasons for luxury bags costing thousands of dollars. The biggest difference between a Louis Vuitton bag and one you get from Target (Tarjay if you’re fancy) is that when the LV on the bag is legitimate, that means the bag is handmade. As you can imagine, handmade bags take much longer to produce, are of higher quality, and have a much more limited supply than mass-manufactured bags.

Another of many things that make luxury bags valuable is that their accents are made from real metals and materials. When you see a gold emblem or clasp on a Berkin bag, it’s more than likely real gold. Plus, not many items appreciate value, but many luxury bags increase in value over time.

5. A gift card could be your saving grace.

The thing that makes shopping for the person who has everything so hard is that they already have everything! If your girlfriend is nearly impossible to shop for, the best thing you can do is give her a gift certificate to her favorite department store or boutique and let her go crazy.

They say it’s the thought that counts. Well, when you’ve thought about it and lost count of how many bad gift ideas you’ve come up with, the most thoughtful thing you can do is to let her have a shopping spree on you.