Are you looking for a fun activity you can do with your guy friends to catch up and break the monotony of your daily routine? Are you missing the boys? If your bromance needs some new ideas, here are some cool ones that will impress your buds and refuel your friendship.

1. Plan a getaway trip to the great outdoors.

Camping is a great way to safely get away from your hometown for the weekend and check-in with your mates. Kick back in your camping chair, hang up your hammock, and crack open a few cold ones with the guys. There are endless possibilities in the woods: hunting, fishing, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, or just relaxing and catching up without the distraction of work emails and cellphones. Pack up and head out on a grand adventure—and bring the dogs, too!

2. Visit a local shooting range.

If you and your friends want to try something a little explosive, check out a local shooting range or gun club to test your skills and maybe even have a friendly competition. You can impress your friends and keep your guns safe with leather rifle cases, gun cases, durable gun sleeves, or other high-end gun accessories made in Italy by Negrini Cases, too. Also, you’ll receive free shipping on all orders over $300 for a shotgun, rifle, handgun, or other accessories that are sure to satisfy even the most demanding firearms enthusiast.

3. Visit a battlefield or a national military park.


Get some fresh air and exercise with your friends, and maybe learn something, too, while you walk and talk through the battlefields. Do you want to explore Southern culture and heritage? Would you also like to visit modern attractions such as casinos, restaurants, and galleries? Visiting Vicksburg, Mississippi is your key to the south for a blend of historical and modern-day fun and recreation. It’s a great destination to unlock the next level of friendship with you and your crew.

There are options that will fit everyone’s personal interests and abilities: walking tours and trails, driving tours through battlefields, ghost tours, and even museum tours throughout the historical town.

4. Putt around a golf course.

Take an early morning or afternoon to go out to the course with a small group of your buddies. Unwind with a few drinks, hit around some golf balls, and catch up in the golf cart between holes with your pals. Golfing is a great activity for multitasking, so you and your friends can have a nice balance between talking and competition. And if you don’t feel like making small talk, focus on the game at hand.

Driving ranges are also growing in popularity and there may be a local one near you, too. If you don’t have the time (or maybe patience) for the golf course, knock a few drinks back and swing around some clubs in the comfort of your reserved bay. Just make sure you have dressed appropriately for the occasion no matter where you may go. Maybe even pack an extra set of clothes for your friend you know doesn’t usually think of these things.

5. Host a bonfire.

If you’re low on extra time in your schedule during the day, gather around a fire in your back yard, patio, or deck with your friends. Or, bring some drinks and snacks to your best mate’s bonfire. Bond with your bros around the fire and trade tales to pass the time. If you’re looking to have a late and easy dinner while you talk around the fire, pick up a package of hotdogs and some cans of beans and bring the gruff outdoor experience to the comfort of your backyard. Break out some drinks, board games, or cards, too! Sometimes it’s easier to spark a conversation when you’re playing a game.