The health and wellness industry is, without a doubt, booming, being valued at more $4 trillion in 2018 by the Global Wellness Institute, and accounting for over five percent of global economic output. For one industry that’s huge — and it’s looking like it will only get bigger.

That means this is the perfect time for any budding entrepreneur or investor to get hooked into an exploding industry. However, some of the more well-trodden paths are already jammed full of competitors who all had the same idea. Here are five more unconventional ways into health and wellness, where you can really make your mark.


Develop your own supplement range

Many customers are realizing that they can supplement their diet to solve various health problems and improve their lifestyle overall. Building your own line of custom tablets as a startup means you can supply them with the supplements that they need to live life to the fullest. To do so, you need to find a custom tablet manufacturer that you can trust, like Superior Supplement Manufacturing. Consumers everywhere are looking for a personalized attitude towards their health because we all know that everybody is different. Build a business model that can help customers find the individual help that they need and you’ll be on track for success.


Study to become a medical secretary

If you are organized, reliable, and looking to learn more about the health and wellness industry, then studying to become a medical secretary should be the first thing on your to-do list. You can learn all about the best practices within a healthcare facility and learn as you go, which is often the best way to gather experience. A medical secretary manages patient information, helps to schedule appointments, and can sometimes even have input on patient care where appropriate. Depending on the precise role, a medical secretary can wear many hats, so it’s good news for anyone who’s just starting out.


Jump on the booming cannabis trend

With state law in many places changing when it comes to the cannabis industry, learning how to start a cannabusiness is one way to jump on a booming trend and start a small business at the same time. Opening up a dispensary or coming up with your own innovative cannabis business, like cannabis nutrition supplements or natural oils, are just a few of the new jobs created by the cannabis industry. From edibles to a specific application for certain health problems, the world is your oyster when it comes to the cannabis business.


Teach a niche practice

If you already have a wealth of knowledge about one aspect of the health and wellness industry, like hypnosis, herbalism, or something else, then consider teaching that to other people. An experienced consultant in an underexplored sector can carve out a solid place for themselves, especially if that area is set to grow in the coming years. If you have a unique idea that can offer real value to health-focused customers, run with it. Test it out by starting a blog and discussing your ideas, and see if your own experience matches other people’s. If it does, then spread the good word! You might be starting the next big thing.


Develop tech for wellness

We often think of wellness being largely focused on natural products, but technology also has a major role to play. The logistics of healthcare are a prime opportunity for optimization and laboratory procedures often need advanced tech and equipment in order to succeed. If you are skilled in tech, whether that’s software or hardware, try and think of ways that you can pair your skills with your passion for health and wellbeing.