We’re always getting down to the wire when it comes to getting gifts. There are always some folks who it’s just harder to shop for, and you end up doing some last minute gift-buying. Unsure of what to get the pet lover in your life? Here are gift ideas that you can snatch up right in time to make an impression.

Get a GPS tracker for their cat.


Some cat owners let their outside cats roam freely, but have you ever wondered where exactly they go when they’re outside exploring the neighborhood? With a cat GPS tracker, now you can! This small little piece of technology has a long battery life, no distance limit so your cat can go anywhere it wants, and will send the pet owner updates in real-time of where their furry friend is. A cat tracker is non-invasive and lightweight as it only needs to be clipped to the pet’s collar, and it gives you peace of mind of knowing their location if they don’t come home in time for dinner.

A nice memory foam bed.

Is the pet owner in your life sick and tired of sharing their bed with their animal at night? While it is fun to soak up those puppy cuddles as much as you can, it sure can be exhausting to constantly shift your sleep positions when the dog takes up a ton of space! The best way to bypass this and to ensure everyone sleeps tight at night is to get their pet a nice memory foam bed. Made with fuzzy fabric and cushiony goodness, the pet won’t want anything to do with their human’s bed anymore! This is the perfect gift for a pet owner who loves a good night’s sleep.

Calming pet chews.


We all get anxious, including our pets. Luckily, there are a lot of natural products available for our furry friends to help ease their anxiety and fears. A good example of this is CBD oil, which is a natural compound derived from the hemp plant. It does not contain THC, meaning it does not have any psychoactive properties as you would find in the marijuana plant. Instead, CBD oil works to eliminate any inflammation in the body and has been proven to be exceptionally beneficial in pets as well! CBD products can be given to pets to treat arthritis, joint pain, anxiety, and fear. When you purchasing from companies such as ABSC Organics, you’ll know that you can trust your pet’s CBD products to be of the best quality.

A pillow or a blanket with the animal’s face on it.

We’re all staying at home more now, so why not get them something soft and cozy to cuddle up with during the cold weather? A pillow or a blanket with the pet’s face on it is exactly the gift to give. It will make any pet parent smile every time they look at it!

A matching sweater set.


Who doesn’t like to match their best furry friend? Not only are pet sweaters incredibly cute and functional, but there are also a ton of adorable patterns you can buy for both the human and the pet. Or, you can even go out of the box and get them a matching pajama set! Any matching apparel makes for great gifts, and even better selfies.

A gift card to their groomer.

Dogs deserve spa days as well, so gifting their owners a gift card for their favorite salon is a great idea. It is one less thing for the owner to worry about, and you can feel good that you supported small businesses this year.

There’s a lot on this list that will please any pet owner and their best friend, so which items are you going to pick?