Since the late 1980s, technology has played an essential role in people’s daily lives. Not only has it enhanced efficiency and productivity across multiple spheres of life, but it has also provided solutions to previously unsolvable problems.


Today, it’s safe to say that technology has advanced at lightning speed, and paved the way to develop what are now everyday devices such as the smartphone, the tablet, smart TV, and different smart devices. Additionally, various healthcare, education, and business services have greatly benefited from these advancements. Below are a few ways in which technology impacts your daily life.

Surgical Systems



One area of daily life which technology has greatly influenced is the medical industry. There’re various ongoing experiments in an attempt to find innovative methods of delivering healthcare. These ensure that people can receive the best care in a safe yet efficient and proactive manner. New surgical procedures using complex surgical instruments are stretching the boundaries of medicine and becoming best practices in the medical arena. An exciting advancement that has significantly impacted this aspect of life is the robotic surgery procedure. Branches of medicine such as urology and otolaryngology have improved upon their patients’ wellbeing and surgical care with this procedure. This robotic procedure involves using a surgical robot in conducting surgery, giving specialists the chance to perform complicated open surgeries leaving room for fewer minor mistakes than they would’ve done using a traditional surgery procedure.


Mobile apps have also helped the world of medicine by providing a way for patients, older or disabled ones, to interact with their medical providers without leaving their homes. The technological phenomenon is also bringing about the accelerated experimentation. This was evident during the Ebola outbreak and now during the Covid-19 pandemic. This also means medications would be readily available for various diseases and, in turn, shorten the recovery time and time spent in the hospital.

Teaching and Learning

Although many may argue that new technology has been a disadvantage for teaching and learning, there’re still many ways it impacts positively. First, it has created a hub of information. Therefore, students can now browse on the internet to find trustworthy educational content that could help them with their schoolwork and broaden their knowledge. Virtual classes in online schools create the chance to join webinars and online courses by just connecting their router and opening their web browser. Any and every education program, whether it’s primary or high school, undergraduates and those studying for a master’s degree, all can utilize technology in many new ways.


For example, when it comes to sustainability science, schools such as Edgewood College, Cornell University, and Presidio Graduate School have adopted face-to-face and distance-learning graduate degree programs. So, if you’re interested in obtaining a masters in sustainability to become a sustainability consultant or a sustainability entrepreneur, perhaps, you would like to charter in Oregon charter schools. With the help of technology, you’d be able to achieve an MBA and charter, regardless of your location across the world.


Cybersecurity Solutions


Unfortunately, just as technology seems to improve upon lives in numerous ways, criminals have also tried to keep up with the times and use it for illegal or harmful activities. Cybercrime has been increasingly causing trouble for business and personal networks. However, the ever-evolving digital age is constantly finding solutions to avoid and beat these breaches as effectively as possible. Companies have adopted various cybersecurity measures such as managed IT solutions to protect them from unforeseen cyberattacks. Cloud storage has served a great role in this regard, and not only does it give companies a chance to store information safely and securely, but it also acts as a backup in case sensitive data is lost, destroyed, or stolen. At home, you can use a personal cloud storage device to store all your digital content in one place securely.

Convenient Shopping Experiences

Technology has, in many ways, revolutionized the traditional means of shopping. With the introduction of the internet, many retail shops no longer need to be in a physical building to sell their products to their customers. With many people now using the internet, the e-commerce business approach has allowed many brands to reach a wider audience and create convenience. Now, customers can make purchases from the comfort of their homes from a variety of stores simultaneously. However, technology hasn’t completely eradicated physical stores. Instead, it’s introduced cashless options such as Point of Sale (POS) Systems and mobile payments-making your shopping experience convenient.

Vast Communication Channels


Communication is an aspect of your daily life that technology has, without a doubt, impacted significantly. Before, writing and sending letters, sending faxes, or finding a toll booth were the most convenient ways to reach your loved one. Now, you can contact someone with more efficient and effective options at your fingertips-literally. You can choose to send an SMS, send an email, make a phone call from anywhere, or connect on social media platforms. Besides your mobile device and computer, smartwatches have also come to act as a more efficient way of communicating. With their interactive touchscreen face, these devices can track your activity, send text messages, and even make calls. However, a significant advantage of this device is it can serve as a fast way to communicate with emergency response teams such as the police, fire service, or paramedics.

Workplace Improvements

Technology has, by far, significantly impacted the way business is done for the better. New technological advances have made business operations effective and also increased levels of efficiency and productivity. The development of technology has greatly influenced many business strategies, such as the recruitment process. Companies spend less on recruiting as websites, and social platforms like LinkedIn have taken the cost that was once associated with advertising in newspapers. Remote working has also given many across the world the opportunity to work anywhere as long as they have a stable internet connection, reducing the costs of transportation, relocation, and meetings. Also, companies can cut down on time management costs due to the many productivity software tools that help manage time and ensure that employees complete assigned tasks. Social media has also made it easier and cheaper to execute marketing strategies, allowing businesses to reach target audiences without global borders’ restrictions.


In conclusion, technology has greatly impacted our daily lives, and it doesn’t seem like things will change. There’re still many advancements being tried and yet to be implemented. The future is indeed exciting.