Finding housewarming gifts for new homeowners is fun. You get to look for something that your specific friend or family member might love as an addition to their place. However, even though this process has its perks it’s also challenging looking for something that they will find useful and necessary. When it comes to a bachelor pad, there are some fairly specific items that your guy friends will love for their new apartment. So, if you’re needing to buy your guy friend a housewarming gift — look no further. Read on for eight housewarming gifts for bachelors that will leave them smiling.

1. Check out a food subscription service.

If you really want to help out your bachelor friend, consider buying them a food subscription service for the first little while. Obviously, this is a little bit more of an expensive house warming gift, but you can choose to send these meals weekly and cancel after a certain length of time. Unlike other gifts, this one keeps on giving each week for as long as you want to send. A meal subscription box comes with all of the necessary ingredients to make a delicious home-cooked delight. It will undoubtedly be an incredibly useful gift for a bachelor’s new home, especially during those first weeks when the last thing on their mind is grocery shopping and finding recipes to make.

2. Assist with their move.

Moving is overwhelming. There are so much time and effort that goes into finding the perfect place for a bachelor’s pad. This is where you can help as a friend or family member to the bachelor. Your biggest gift is to lend a helping hand throughout the moving process. If your bachelor friend is searching for a new place in the South, then Venterra Realty might work for them. These apartment communities around the southern region of the United States and other various states. These industry-leading apartment realtors are a great help during your house search.

After all, your friend or family wants the best for their bachelor pad. With the values of Venterra Living, you can expect a high level of responsibility to their community members. One example of this is how their team members commonly complete paid volunteer work hours. So, if they’re searching for a job around the area, then Venterra Realty may also be a great job consideration to bring up with your friend.

3. Buy them a high-end gift.

Maybe your bachelor friend has everything for their home already. Now, you’re left wondering what you can get them that they’ll still enjoy. If this is the case for you, consider buying them a more personal gift. For any bachelor, a nice new watch is a great idea for a gift. A great place to look for luxury watches is Here you can view a variety of name brand watches for a less traditional housewarming gift. On this site, you’ll find any brand of the watch including luxury watches like Rolex for a more affordable price than regular watch retailers. Stay alert for a variety of new arrivals so that you can choose the right watch as the perfect surprise gift to your bachelor friend.

4. Bring music to their ears.

Let’s say you’re looking for something that will liven up their space. One gift that will prove useful for any new home is some kind of speaker. A bachelor pad always needs some kind of music playing capabilities. Consider buying a smart speaker that can play any music at your beck and call. If your bachelor friend is more retro, purchase them an affordable recorded player or records that they can have on display and play around their home.

5. Help them with their chores.

Not all bachelors are messy, but this stereotype is still out there for a reason. If your bachelor buddy has a pup of their own, they will have to take care of their pet’s waste. Let’s face it, one of the most annoying parts of owning a dog is constantly picking up their waste. After all, you don’t want a messy backyard so you have to maintain it well. If this seems challenging for a new homeowner, consider gifting them the treat of a dog poop removal service. Search for dog poop removal North Aurora IL to find this company that literally does the dirty work for you. This way, your pal can focus on renovating the interior and exterior of their home instead of keeping the backyard dog poop-free.

6. Consider recreational marijuana.

If you didn’t already know, many states have made medical marijuana legal, if you are authorized to have a medical marijuana card. However, some states have legalized recreational marijuana as well. One of these states that allow recreational use in Michigan. Marijuana in Michigan is allowed for personal use according to state law. Legalization has been in place since 2018 when Michigan voters approved the use of recreational weed for Michiganders over 21 years of age. However, the legal limit of recreational weed one can have is 2.5 ounces of marijuana. Even with this limit, since this legalization, recreational marijuana sales skyrocketed into 2020.

As a matter of fact, recreational marijuana sales totaled near 18 million dollars during just two short months. If your bachelor is someone who lives in a state where legalization is followed, treat them to some recreational marijuana as a house warming gift. You can buy edibles or a joint. Either way, if your new home buyer could happily benefit from some relaxation during these trying times with the help of marijuana, then it really does make a great gift for their personal use. However, always remember that marijuana affects every user differently despite what the recreational market displays. One last tip on recreational marijuana is to be sure your bachelor friend is okay with marijuana before you go ahead and buy it from a dispensary.

7. Let the games begin.

Is your single friend a gamer? If so, then treat them to a game. If they love their Nintendo Switch, get them an extra controller so that you can all play when there are visitors. Maybe this bachelor is more of a computer gamer, so you’re going to buy them a gift card to Steam, a video game app to download computer games. Last but certainly not least, your bachelor might be a traditional board game kind of guy. If this is the case, then purchase an intriguing looking board game. This way, their bachelor pad is always stocked with games and things to do while surrounded by a great company.

8. Stop by with a case.

It’s a simple but solid idea. Stop by your bachelor friend or family member’s new place with a case of their favorite beer. It’s a little something that they can enjoy on a hot day. When unpacking or continuing to settle into the home, they can pop open a beer and relax a bit. What’s specifically great about this gift is that it’s reasonably affordable. You can buy a large case, small case, craft beer, or domestic beer. On the other hand, if they’re more of a wine or whiskey person you can buy a bottle for their bar cart which they will surely use to entertain guests. Better yet, you can also explore purchasing them accessories for their bar like whiskey stones or personalized glasses. This way, they feel prepared to entertain guests no matter who steps through their doors.