Planning a vacation from work can seem like a daunting task. Many workers find it difficult if not impossible to peel themselves away from the office for an extended period of time, and then there’s the planning that must go into creating the perfect vacation. This last year has been a devastating lesson in getting away from the corporate grind, so as you continue to progress quickly through 2021, think about taking a break from work and getting away for a chance to recharge with your family.

1. Relax, for a change.


Covid-19 has created an atmosphere of tense work-from-home necessity. Getting away from the strictures that COVID-19 lockdowns have created is a great way to unwind with your family. Relaxation is also a major piece of advice for planning a family when you’re older for those who don’t already have a family but are considering growing their inner circle.

Getting away with important family members is a great way to reduce stress and keep in line with social distance measures that your local area has placed on the community. Even just a break from signing in to work for a few days from the comfort of your home can be a life-changing event for someone who finds themselves of a family member wound a little too tightly as a result of Covid-19 and all of the changes it has brought on for our communities.

2. Go visit family.


Take a page from Malliha Wilson’s book. Visiting family is an important part of organizing any vacation. Going home gives you access to the great place where you grew up and puts you back in touch with family and friends that you may not have seen for a long time. Whether home is in Sri Lanka, like for Wilson, or just a short road trip down the highway to a nearby town, make sure you take the time to spend with your family while you have this opportunity.

While the coronavirus has placed a number of unique hardships on our lives, it has also given us the ability to work from home and spend additional time with family and in the comfort of our living rooms-tuned office space. Take advantage of these unique positives, no matter how small they might be. Spending additional time with your spouse or the ability to get away to your hometown is a great way to utilize these vacation days while longer travel and destination vacations remain in limbo. The government and economy will eventually recover from these coronavirus-inspired restrictions, so make the most of what’s available while you can.

3. Buy an RV and take a road trip.


An RV is a great way to maintain social distance while getting away from it all. Adding an RV to your repertoire is a great way to improve your quality of life and give you access to unique travel destinations for outdoorsy people. Visiting a local trail or national park from the comfort of a family RV is a great way to take advantage of your own space and the great outdoors at the same time. Keeping yourself safe from coronavirus transmission is of course a paramount concern, which makes a national park or a kayaking trip all the more favorable for your small crowd.

4. Just unplug for a day or two.


If travel is out of the question then a staycation might be the perfect way to unwind. Simply unplugging for a few days can give you the mental break that you need in order to hit the ground running once you return to work. A long weekend is a perfect way to close down your computer and spend time with your spouse or reading from the comfort of your back yard. Home is a great place to spend a short vacation and your mental state will thank you for the chance to relax.

Make sure you take time this year for your mental health. Take advantage of whatever you can during your vacation days.